Please refer to our Care Calendar to insure your trees are receiving the

proper care at the appropriate time of each year.

January / February

• Prune trees, shrubs and vines that bloom in summer while they are dormant
• Order seeds from catalogs
• Identify possible dangers and perform hazard reduction pruning
• Apply a follow-up antidesiccant treatment
• Prune fruit trees
• Review, repair, replace all garden tools
• Review your landscape with your arborist

March / April

• Remove winter protection
• Check for overwintering pests
• Prune visible winter damage on all trees
• Schedule your spring fertilization
• Plant hearty vegetables and bare root stock as soon as soil is workable
• Complete fruit tree pruning & feature tree maintenance
• Perform rejuvenation pruning on summer flowering shrubs that have become too large
• Fertilize lawn to provide the nutrients needed to keep it healthy